BTPI.Co is an investment property management company involved in property acquisition, management and sale/disbursement of property in Indonesia.  Through our "Nominee Ownership" service we offer our clients a way to invest in Indonesian property


About Us

The single most significant role of BTPI Co. is to bring like minded individuals together to form investment groups to purchase investment property

Our Service

Through the “Nominee Ownership” service BTPI.Co offers their clients the opportunity to invest in Indonesian property SIMPLY, SECURELY and DISCREETLY.

4 Concepts of Investments

A couple terms you’ll see here are “Land Banking”,  “Dream Property”, ‘Assisted Purchase” and “Development” concepts of investments..

How It Works Here

Our “Nominee Ownership” service follows a 3 step process. Become a Client, Asset Acquired & Managed, Client Repaid.

featured Property Projects


4.7 ht Sek Beachfront Property 1, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia


4.7 ht Beachfront Property

NEW ** Dream Property project **

Approx:  us$ 838,163

property video


1 ht SekHajib Roadside 3, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia


1 ht Roadside Property

Great Location, sloping land

Approx:  us$ 52,800

property video


TWO 5 ht Beachfront Properties

TWO  5 ht Beachfronts

Both properties with 200m beachfront

Approx;  us$ 564,500 ea

property video

Latest News

#6 Bali Sumbawa visit and Website update

Last Bali Sumbawa visit and Website update   We traveled down to Lombok, Gili T, Sumbawa and Bali this last June/July looking at beachfront investment properties in North Shore of Lombok, Indonesia.  We spent a couple days driving around seeing some beautiful scenery and places and people.  The area we were in is about 20 […]

4.7 ht Sek Beachfront Property 1, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia

NEW “Dream Property” Investment Concept

Good Day All,   Very straight forward post today.  I have completed the “Dream Property” investment concept  portfolio for the 4.7 hectare property in Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia.  You can view the page here:   4.7 ht Beachfront Property, Dream Property Investment Concept   Thanks.  That about covers it. Anton Summary Service Type Asset Management, Indonesian […]

Latest Rangoon Beach pic, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Major website revision

Good Day All, Over the last month or so I’ve been flying a lot, working on creating video’s from my last trip to Indonesia, and doing a complete revision of the website as a whole. oh and I’ve been trying to spend as much quality time with Wawa as I can. I hope what you […]

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