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A little about the site

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Adding an exerpt from one of the pages;


Get informed.  Go through this site and read the “investing in Indonesia Property” section including “Our Area Of Interest“, “Why Indonesia“, “Legal Aspects and Concerns” and the “3 Concepts of Investments Here“.  Then, have a look at some of the interesting properties and their portfolio page.  If you want to send an email click the “Contact Us” anytime.  Perhaps we’re not what you thought we were or can do what you want done and you can move along.

However, once you’ve informed yourself about BTPI.Co and want to proceed to start a relationship, click “Begin The Application Process” which will bring you here to download, fill out and return the Client Information Form .

Also, the blog portion will have up to date info so you should subscribe to that.  Once we get to know you and have an idea of what you want, we’ll begin looking for an investment group to offer you to join.

A little about this site
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A little about this site
This article describes the bpi.co.com website and what perspective clients should review and steps to become a client of BTPI.Co.
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