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A little over a year ago I was preparing to goto Canada with Wawa for a visit and to purchase another income property there.  Sometime before that trip we met up with jose and his wife and they described a plan to work 4 and 4, purchase a villa in Bali and commute to work from Bali and all the wonderful investment opportunities in Bali and surrounding islands.

So we (Wawa and I) decided to change our plans and travel to Bali and surrounding islands for a vacation and an exploritory visit researching the possible investment property opportunities.  Needless to say we had a great vacation, met a lot of excellent people and saw several property opportunities.


We narrowed our list to 2 properties, one a 1 ht land banking type property (which we now own with partners) that we could afford ourselves, and a 4.7 ht possble dream property which was way more than we could afford.


However, when we got back to shanghai and discussed our trip and findings with Jose and friends, we quickly found we had almost enough interest amongst ourselves to purchase the 4.7 property as partners.  We decided to invite a couple more people into our group.

In the end, we didn’t buy “that” property due to topographical issues not allowing us to do with the property as we had envisioned and planned as a group.  What i did learn from this was it was very easy to generate interest from our friends to invest in property in Indonesia.  Perhaps I could form investment groups to buy more of the land i was finding available as a service.

So BTPI.Co was formed.  A lot of research was done to investigate issues such as liability, foreign ownership concepts, tax issues as well as gathering a team to run this company.  We beleive there is great opportunity for investment in land in Indonesia.  Some of the partners in BTPI.Co are our first clients and we are looking at buying more land ourselves.  Personally, I’m still looking for that dream propeety.


Why and How
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Why and How
A description of why we decided to start BTPI.Co and how we went about doing it in Bali, Indonesia.
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