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Latest Trip Down to Indonesia

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Wawa and I along with my son, Sam, were in Indonesia Feb 17 – Mar 9.  We spent 4 days in Bali taking care of some BTPI.Co administration details with our Notary and a few other items then a few days in the Gili islands (T and Meno) and then 10 days in Sekongkang.

While in Sekongkang I viewed several properties again using my new drone to get some good video of the properties and surrounding area.

These include;
– 1.7 ht Swiss Beach
– 1 ht Sekongkang
– 4.7 ht Sek Beach
– 5 ht Sek Beach
– 5 ht Sek Beach
– 2.5 ht SekWedge Hilltop
– 1.6 ht SekAgus Village

All of these properties will have a video clip uploaded to their portfolios soon.

One interesting item that I saw was a property owned by a German fellow was being developed.  This property is located on Sekongkang Beach going up the hill, between the 4.7 ht property we have listed and the 2 5 ht properties we have listed.  To me, this is a very important item of note as this indicates that the area and property are starting to be developed. I was told the property is initially having a personal villa being built and then a 100 room hotel is to be built up on the hill.

I’ll be posting a separate post about this property development.

This development heralds the start of development in the Sekongkang area and may trigger further buying with the associated increase in property prices meaning, we need to promote this area more aggressively to our clients “BEFORE” those prices start rising.

Also during my visit, I walked the 1 ht property BTPI.Co is managing.  I arranged for the land to be cleared of undergrowth leaving all the mature trees in place. I also made arrangements to install a fence along the one side of the property that was still unfenced.  This will keep the cows off the property and once complete, through an arrangement with local farmers, I’ve arranged for fruit trees (coconut, mango, banana) trees to be planted throughout the property as well as allowing the local farmers to make plots of 2-10 are for vegetable and pepper planting.  These arrangements with keep the property cleared, get fruit trees planted and tended and the property protected by the local farmers.  This property project entails a “Land Banking” type investment with a 3-5 year timeframe.

Another item I spent time on was reviewing the 4.7 ht property located along the river and beachfront. Through talks with the owner he is willing to divide the property in half increasing the property potential for our needs.  I will be redoing the portfolio for this property to include a better “Dream Property” concept which will be uploaded soon and posted on a separate post.

cheers all

Anton Cvet

Last Trip down to Indonesia
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Last Trip down to Indonesia
A description of our last trip to Indonesia, the investment properties we looked at and a description of the drone video I took while there.
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