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Major website revision

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Good Day All,

Over the last month or so I’ve been flying a lot, working on creating video’s from my last trip to Indonesia, and doing a complete revision of the website as a whole. oh and I’ve been trying to spend as much quality time with Wawa as I can.

I hope what you will see is a much easier to view, easier to navigate and use and much easier to understand website.

The primary information pages have been redone so they are easier to view and clearer to understand. These pages include: the home page, about us, our service, 4 concepts of investing here and how it works here. In addition I’ve added the legal & facts section which has lots of pertinent information. I’m hoping after reading these pages you will have a very clear and thorough understanding of the process of property investing in Indonesia and what BTPI.Co can do for you.

The property pages have again, been totally revised again so they are easier to view and understand. There are more properties to add but I’ve made a large start to our offered properties as investment tools.

I’ve also added property video to the site via links to my newly created youtube page, “BTPI.Co”. The videos added are:

TWO 5 ht SekHajib Beachfront Properties

3.6 ht SekBaha Village Property

4.7 Sek Beachfront Property

1 ht SwissHajib Beachfront Property

1 ht SekHajib Roadside Property

TWO 1 ht TropHakib Airport Roadside Properties

Lastly, I’ve created and/or improved the way you can either leave a comment and subscribe to this blog.  Having said that, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to this blog if you are at all interested in property investment in Indonesia.  It will be here that I post announcements of updates about new property offered, changes or additions to ongoing projects and new investor group information.

So that about covers this update.  Thank you all for visiting our site and look forward to hearing from you.



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