#6 Bali Sumbawa visit and Website update

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Last Bali Sumbawa visit and Website update


We traveled down to Lombok, Gili T, Sumbawa and Bali this last June/July looking at beachfront investment properties in North Shore of Lombok, Indonesia.  We spent a couple days driving around seeing some beautiful scenery and places and people.  The area we were in is about 20 minute drive from Bangsal Public Ferry port.  

We stayed at Anema Villa Resort which is located in a beautiful cove along the North Shore, Lombok.  There a 3 or 4 boutique resorts in the area and the property we were looking at were in this general area.  One beachfront property was just next to the Anema Villa Resort.

You can find the beachfront properties we found and presented here;


The first is the property is just a bit next to Anema Villa Resort.  It is flat, gentle slope a bit towards the water, a nice sandy beach with good swimming water, about 100m of beachfront.  The land is basically clear with Palm trees throughout the property.

   1.4 hectare Beachfront Property, Lombok


The second is a nice 1.2 hectare property with again, a nice beach with swimmable water, about 100m of beachfront, basically clear land with a few Palm trees, good road access.

  1.2 hectare Beachfront Property, Lombok

The third really caught my eye.  Its a black sand beach property.  Really cool.  The property is 3.2 hectare with about 200m of beachfront.  The land is flat, basically clear, large Palm trees throughout the property, good road access.  A really nice property.  Check it out here.

   3.2 hectare Black Sand Beachfront Property, Lombok.

On Gili we went around the island again looking for a property our freind who owns Anema Villa Resort, has on Gili T.  He mentioned a possible project developing this property that is interesting so we found it.  I'll be talking with my freind about this and will post when able.

From Gili we went to Sumbawa where Indra and I climbed the big hill on the 4.7 beachfront "Dream" property.  I wanted to have a good look at the hilltop, it's size and what would be involved in running a road up there and levelling off a chunk to create partner lots.  Well it's not big and the excavation would cost about us$50K and then you'd have an ugly flat topped hill with enough room for one maybe two lots.  Since the Dream Project concept was based on this land usage this discovery drastically changes the 4.7 beachfront property "Dream" concept.  While we were in Sumbawa we met with the owner of this property.  I explained the issues with the property which he understood and we attempted to renegotiate a purchase offer.  Unfortunately, at this point and how we left it, we are a ways apart.  If posted a couple photos below but you can see the update and photos here:
4.7 hectare Dream Property Update

We hung around doing not much for a few days recovering from a bit of a scooter accident we had one night.  Then it was back to Bali for a couple days of administrative company stuff and back to China.


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