#7 Announcing New Investment Partnership Program

3.2 ht Black sand beachfront investment property, North Shore, Lombok 2

One of the most significant roles of BTPI Co. is to bring like minded individuals together to form investment groups to purchase investment property in Indonesia.  In this regard, we have put together 3 investment partnership projects.


BTPI.Co is introducing 3 “Investment Partnership Projects” available with minimum investment to participate as low as us$ 10,000.

We feel that some investment properties are too expensive for many people to take advantage of or someone would like to limit their exposure in an investment.

We feel these Partnership groups and a good way for someone to start participating in foreign property investment who may not have the knowledge, time or understanding of this investment vehicle or have sufficient funds to invest in an individual project.  Another option these Partnership Projects offer is a way for an investor to participate in more than one project thereby diversifying their investment portfolio further.

The Partnership Program and projects can be found at Partnership Projects.

I hope you all find this interesting.

Thank you


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