Two 5 ht SekHajib Beachfront Properties, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia

#8 Featured Property TWO 5 hectare Beachfronts

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This month we’re featuring TWO 5 hectare beachfront properties available either separately or together as one property.  These properties are located on Sekongkang beach near the village of Sekongkang in Sumbawa.  To get the Sumbawa you could fly into either Denpasar or Lombok and then take the public ferry from Lombok or the mine fast boat from Lombok.

Each property has approximately 200 meters of beachfront, both with rising terrain from the beachfront up the hillside to the access road along the back (inland) side of the properties.  Both properties face a world class surfing area known as Yoyo’s and are near several other beach and surfing areas easily accessible by scooter.

Either or both of these properties are excelent investments.  The local area has been targeted by the Indonesian Gov’t for investment and development of the tourist industry.  Presently there are no resorts on this stretch of beach.


This type of “Land Banking” investment would be attractive to an individual or investment fund looking for a safe investment vehicle offering an atrtractive return on investment in 3-5 years.  The area is just starting to attract development.

Either of these properties would be a great location for a vacation condo or boutique resort type development.  With the rising terrain they offer gourgeous views of the area with good access already in place.

The property portfolio for these properties can be viewed here;

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