#9 Featured Property of the Month

This month we’re featuring a 2.5 hectare hillside property which has a West facing slope with great view and awesome sunsets.  The property slopes from the hilltop down to a small rock face with incredible water for swimming.

This property is located on near Sekongkang beach, near the village of Sekongkang in Sumbawa.  To get the Sumbawa you could fly into either Denpasar or Lombok and then take the public ferry from Lombok or the mine fast boat from Lombok to Sumbawa.

I believe this property would be an excellent location for an eco type resort built in a lush jungle envirenment with rough roads already in place for easy access.  The area is close to Sekongkang village as well as several beaches and world class surfing locations.

For a “Land Banking” type of investment this property will offer great future appreciation as there are no developments on this side of the sloping hillside.

The property portfolio for this property can be viewed here;

2.5 ht Hilltop Property, Sekongkang, Sumbawa

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