About BTPI.Co


BTPI.Co is an investment management company specializing in the purchase, management and sale of property in Indonesia.  The company is incorporated in Hong Kong (no. 2469119), with its primary operations in Hong kong, Bali and West Sumbawa.


Through a process called "Nominee Ownership", we provide a way for foreigners to own property in Indonesia in




We provide all the resources required in our Nominee Ownership process which includes;

  • Arranging agreements and legalities with all parties involved,
  • Scouting and qualifying of a perspective property then creating a property portfolio,
  • Match an investor or investment group to "a" property and then manage the purchase process,
  • Manage any development to the property which would be agreed upon in advance,
  • Manage ongoing Government administration,
  • Regular monitoring of the property throughout the project timeframe and finally,
  • Manage sale of the property and disbursement of funds to clients.


BTPI Co. is able to manage the purchase of land in Indonesia via and in the name of "PT Bali Property Sukses" an Indonesian company owned by Alfafa Murtany.  Alfafa is an Indonesian citizen, a partner in BTPI Co. and the "Nominee" on our land certificates.  She is married to Anton Cvet, the President of BTPI.Co.  Anton is also the GM of and has POA authority of the PT Bali Property Sukses.


BTPI Co. has an exclusivity agreement with PT Bali Property Sukses to act as the sole representative for all its operations in Indonesia.


Each client or investment group has an agreement directly with PT Bali Property Sukses for a specific property whereas, the PT company guarantees to the client the value of or the actual land back to the client.  Similar to a POA agreement, this creates a state where the client owns the land in all but name on certificate.  Ownership via a nominee.


What we Believe:

Both Jose and I have previous experience in real estate in other countries.  I presently own income property in Canada and we both own investment property in Indonesia as well.  Both of us have been living in Asia for the last several years and have been researching property ownership in various SE Asian countries.


I am fortunate to have married a wonderful lady, Alfafa, an Indonesian citizen.  We decided to concentrate our research for property to Indonesia and specifically the Bali and Tenggara provinces.  We believe the property opportunities that we have found are exciting and profitable.

We have established many great contacts in the area and now have a network of local people in all fields able to assist us and our clients.  We are excited about creating a business through which we can offer these opportunities to our expat friends and to the public in general.


The nominee ownership process is a little daunting for some investors but, using my wife Alfafa, as nominee and also having legal asset protection documents in place in Indonesia, the nominee ownership process is as safe and secure as it can be.

We believe our management service and the Nominee Ownership process offers foreign investors the opportunity to participate in Indonesian property ownership, in a SIMPLE, SECURE and DISCREET manner.




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