2.5 hectare Hilltop Properties, Sekongkang, Sumbawa

2.5 SekHajib Hilltop Property

The property is 2.5 hectare located on the hilltop of West Sekongkang beach descending on the West side of the land, down to a rock outcrop shoreline and a small white sand West facing beach.  From the top of the hill, which has road access, there are a couple areas that would make great hillside villa sites with West facing views.



The asking price for this property is Rp 9,000,000 / are, or,  us$ 675 / are.

note:  remember there are 100 "are" in a hectare.

This equates to (250 * 675) = us$ 168,750.


2.5 ht SekWedgeHajib property

In the above pic on the left, this is a view from the property looking North towards Wedge Beach.  The pic on the right is the rock outcropping swim area.  Beautiful water.



More about the Sekongkang area:

The property is in West Sumbawa.  About 1.5 hr ferry boat from Lombok.  The main airport in West Sumbawa is about 2.5 hrs away.  The best way to get to this area of Sumbawa is by the "fast" boat operated by the mine and available to the public which leaves Benete in Lombock and docks at Kayangan in West Sumbawa about 15 min drive to Sekongkang.

The local village is called "Sekongkang".  Lots of great surfing, fishing and beaches in the area all easily accessible by scooter.  The local government has made a commitment to invest in this area to increase tourism.  A new hospital being built in the near by village and the nearby airport is suppose to start operating again in 2017.

About 6 miles away there's a big copper/gold mine that has been in operation for over 20 years.  This means the locals are comfortable with foreigners in the area.  It also means the area is protected by the government


My Opinion: 

I like this property.  I think this property has good potential as a hillside type investment property.  There are a few nice areas that could be cleared and levelled yet remain in amongst the trees, for villas to be built.  This property could be attractive to an "Eco Garden Resort" Development type investment built along the hillside with great Westerly views and good swimming.

I feel property this property would make a good "Land Banking" investment.  With some post purchase land development (improving roads, install water and electricity), this property could make a great "Dream Property" with a communal Villa type operation.


The Investment Concept;

This is a good "Land Banking" concept of an investment so I've outlined these details.  After the purchase, we suggest improving the access road into the property as well as minimal service installation (water, electricity) and then literally sit on it for 3-5 years then sell it whole at an estimated 2-5 times purchase price.

As a "Land Banking" concept investment, the property would now have good road access with water and electricity on-site greatly increasing it's value.

For any development concept a more detailed direction and cost evaluation would be required before presenting any kind of financial estimate.

(See our "4 Concepts of Investing Here" page).

The Estimated Investment Project Breakdown and Estimated Return;

Concept 1 - Land Banking 

Asking Price:  us$ 168,750

Service the property in the form of extending the road access, drilling wells and/or running city water and electricity into the property is estimated at us$ 15,000.

This project has a 5 year timeframe.


  Property Purchase Price US$ 168,750
  Purchase Tax (5%)   8,438
  Legal Fees   4,000
  Administrative   3,500
  Annual Property Taxes (5 years)   2,500
  Annual Admin Fee (us$ 1,400/yr)   7,000
  BTPI.Co 1%   1,688
  Service Installation   15,000
  Total Investment Package US$ 210,876
  Property Sell Price (3 * original value) US$ 506,250
  Selling Tax (5%)   25,313
  Legal Fees   2,000
  Administrative   3,500
  Gross Investment Return US$ 477,437
  10% BTPI.Co (minus our 1% & annual admin)   39,056


Download the PDF for this property portfolio here 2.5 ht SekWedgeHajib Hilltop

GMap of BTPI.Co's available property in the Sekongkang area.

Above are the available properties in Sekongkang identified by BTPI.Co

updated May / 17



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