1.4 ht Beachfront Partner Project P#3

1.4 ht Beachfront investment property, North Shore, Lombok, Indonesia

This property is 1.4 hectare with approximately 100 meters of beachfront.  The property slowly rises into fairly open terrain with Palm trees throughout the property.  It is located on the North shore of Lombok island, about 2 hr drive from the international airport.   The property is located in a beutiful cove with only a handful of high end boutique resorts nearby.  It has easy access from the paved main road.

Lombok is experiencing rapid growth as the island promotes itself as an alternative to Bali, reaping the benefits of the new international airport.  Unlike the South part of the island, the North shore is growing rapidly with large parcels of beachfront property becoming rare.


The asking price for this property is Rp 300,000,000 / are, which is us$ 22,515 / are.

note:  remember there are 100 "are" in a hectare.

This equates to (140 * 22,515) = us$ 3,152,100.



The Investment Concept;

This is a good "Land Banking” concept type of investments and a good selection for a partnership group project.  Lombok property values, especially along the North shore, are increasing the fastest of all the islands we've researched.  Although this property requires a larger cash investment, the investment appreciates at a faster rate than on islands farther from Bali. So, there is a shorter time frame for a return on investment.  I've used a 3 year time frame as example.

The Estimated Investment Project Breakdown and Estimated Return;

Concept 1 - Land Banking 

A Client or Investor Group Client wishes to purchase this property as a "Land Banking" concept investment.  As mentioned a shorter timeframe will be used.  In this case, 2 years.

Asking Price:  us$ 3,152,100

  Property Purchase Price US$ 3,152,100
  Purchase Tax (5%)   157,605
  Legal Fees   6,000
  Administrative   4,500
  Annual Property Taxes (3 years)   3,000
  Annual Admin Fee (us$ 2,500/yr)   7,500
  BTPI.Co 1%   31,521
  Total Investment Package US$ 3,362,226
  Property Sell Price (1.75 * original value) US$ 5,516,175
  Selling Tax (2.5%)   275,809
  Legal Fees   4,000
  Administrative   3,500
  Gross Investment Return US$ 5,370,770
  10% BTPI.Co (minus our 1% & annual admin)   598,056


This project requires us$ 3,362,226.

To participate as an partner in this project a minimum investment of us$ 200,000 is set.


Download the PDF for this property portfolio here - 1.4 hectare P#3 Portfolio


Summary of Project:


1.4  hectare Beachfront Property located Lombok, Indonesia.

Project Amount;

us$ 3,362,226


Five (5) year expected termthree (3) year financial commitment

Early withdrawal from Partnership;

If less than 3 years - principal plus 3% per annum pro rated.

After 3 years - principal plus 7% per annum prorated.

Minimum Investment;

us$ 200,000

Expected Return;

45% on investment amount. (15 % per annum)




The Partnership Process;


With these Partnership Groups, and our Nominee Ownership service, BTPI.Co offers their clients the opportunity to invest in property;




It follows a 3 step process:


Become A Client

  • Decide Client Type (individual or join investor group)
  • Decide on Investment Concept.
  • Complete and Return Client Information Form
  • For Clients Joining Group – Transfer Deposit

Asset Acquired & Managed

  • Property and any Development is Decided Upon.
  • Funds Transferred
  • Property Acquired and Managed Throughout Timeframe of Project

Client Repaid

  • Project Timeframe Reached, Property Sold.
  • Funds Distributed to Client(s)


1) Party becomes BTPI.Co Client:

-Fills out and returns Client Infomation Form

- Signs Exclusivity Agreement with BTPI.Co

- Client confirms intentions to become a Partner in P#3.

Once Partners identified:

- Signs 1.4 ht P#3 Partnership Agreement with 1.4 ht P#3 Appendix A

- Transfers funds to BTPI.Co account


2) Property Purchased and managed throughout term of project.

Partnership group signs:

- loan/purchase agreement with PT Bali Sukses

- guarantee and POA letter with PT Bali Sukses


3) Sale of Property:

- Property sold

- fees, costs, taxes are paid

- net funds disbursed to Partners



note about investment groups:  Once we have offered you a position in an investment group and you decide to participate in that group, you will need to transfer us$5,000 to our account.  This deposit will be held in our account, is fully refundable should you decide to withdraw from the group (prior to any deal being started) and will be used as did part of your portion of payment on the deal.  We do this because you probably will not know your partners and they don't know you so simply speaking, if you put us$5K in our account then we know your serious, and so do your partners.






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