5 hectare Beachfront Property, Lombok

5 ht Lombok Beachfront Property, Lombok, Indonesia

This property is 5 hectare with approximately 100 meters of beachfront.  The property slowly rises into fairly open pasture and farming terrain.  It is located on the North shore of Lombok island, about 2 hr drive from the international airport. Lombok is experiencing rapid growth as the island promotes itself as an alternative to Bali, reaping the benefits of the new international airport.  Unlike the South part of the island, the North shore is growing rapidly with large parcels of beachfront property becoming rare.


The asking price for this property is Rp 80,000,000 / are, which is us$ 6,014 / are.

note:  remember there are 100 "are" in a hectare.

this equates to (500 * 6014) = us$ 3,007,000.

5 ht Lombok Beachfront beach view
5 ht Lombok Beachfront inland view 1
5 ht Lombok Beachfront inland view 2, Lombok, Indonesia
5 ht Lombok Beachfront inland view 3, Lombok, Indonesia

The Investment Concept;

This type of property here, in Lombok, would be mostly aimed at an investor group wanting to build a resort or hotel  type operation utilizing BTPI.Co "Assisted Purchase" type investment concept.  In my opinion it is too expensive for a "Dream Property" type of investment concept.

Having said that, this is a good "Land Banking" type of investment.  Lombok property values, especially along the North shore, are increasing the fastest of all the islands we've researched.  Although this property requires a larger cash investment, because of the amount, the investment appreciates at a faster rate than on islands farther from Bali.  So there is a shorter time frame for a return on investment. I've used a 2 year time frame as example.


The Estimated Investment Project Breakdown and Estimated Return;

Concept 1 - Land Banking 

A Client or Investor Group Client wishes to purchase this property as a "Land Banking" concept investment.  As mentioned a shorter timeframe will be used.  In this case, 2 years.

Asking Price:  us$ 3,007,000


  Property Purchase Price US$ 3,007,000
  Purchase Tax (5%)   150,350
  Legal Fees   6,000
  Administrative   4,500
  Annual Property Taxes (2 years)   2,000
  Annual Admin Fee (us$ 2,500/yr)   5,000
  BTPI.Co 1%   30,070
  Total Investment Package US$ 3,204,920
  Property Sell Price (1.75 * original value) US$ 5,262,250
  Selling Tax (5%)   263,113
  Legal Fees   4,000
  Administrative   3,500
  Gross Investment Return US$ 4,991,637
  10% BTPI.Co (minus our 1% & annual admin)   474,046

Concept 4 - Assisted purchase 

A Client or Investor Group Client wishes to purchase this property to develop their own resort utilizing BTPI.Co concept 4, Assisted Purchase concept.

Asking Price:  us$ 3,007,000


  Property Purchase Price US$ 3,007,000
  Purchase Tax (5%)   150,3500
  Legal Fees   8,000
  Administrative   4,500
  3% BTPI.Co Assisted Purchase Fee   90,210
  Total Investment Package US$ 3,260,060

From this point the Client has the land certificate (via a nominee designated by our legal team) and owns the property.  Unless BTPI.Co has an additional ongoing management agreement with the new owners, BTPI.Co is no longer involved in the property.


Download the PDF for this property portfolio here -5 ht Lombok Beachfront red


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