How Investing in Property Works Here at BTPI.Co


Through the Nominee Ownership service, BTPI.Co offers their clients the opportunity to invest


It follows a 3 step process:

Become A Client

  • Decide Client Type (individual or join investor group)
  • Decide on Investment Concept.
  • Complete and Return Client Information Form
  • For Clients Joining Group – Transfer Deposit

Asset Acquired & Managed

  • Property and any Development is Decided Upon.
  • Funds Transferred
  • Property Acquired and Managed Throughout Timeframe of Project

Client Repaid

  • Project Timeframe Reached, Property Sold.
  • Funds Distributed to Client(s)


Decide Client Type (individual or join investor group)

If you have sufficient finances to invest and wish to continue as an individual, then you can decide to become a client as an individual investor.  However, you may want to expand your involvement into more than one property and therefore decide to invest smaller portions of your investment capital in more than one property by becoming part of investment groups.

If you don't have the capital to invest as an individual client, you may choose to become a client and participate as a member of an investment group.

  • For Land Banking projects you can invest as little as 10% of the property buying cost.
  • For Dream Property concepts the investment group should be as small as possible so its easier for us to get an agreement concerning the details of the project and thence manage the wants and needs of the group. We attempt to form is a group of three to six clients for the Dream Property concept.


Note about investment groups;  One of the most significant roles of BTPI Co. is to bring like minded individuals together to form investment groups to purchase investment property. By creating investment groups, or in other words, matching and grouping individuals with common goals, interests and approximate investment capital, individuals are able to participate in this exciting market who otherwise would not be able to.

Alternatively, we are happy to accept clients who have formed their own investment group (amongst their co-investing friends) or via a broker or financial agent who forms a group through their organization to offer their clients this opportunity.

You will need to sign a "Partnership Agreement" amongst our chosen clients to form an investment group.  This agreement will outline the details of being part of this investor group and the conditions the partnership shall operate under.  This is the document you and your partners will own and live by with "a" property and BTPI.Co will manage by its guidance so we take great care and time to ensure all clients are happy partners.


Last note about investment groups:  Once we have offered you a position in an investment group and you decide to participate in that group, we will need you to transfer us$5,000 to our account in Hong Kong.  This deposit will be held in our account, is fully refundable should you decide to withdraw from the group (prior to any deal being started) and will be used as did part of your portion of payment on the deal.  We do this because you probably will not know your partners and they don't know you so simply speaking, if you put us$5K in our account then we know your serious, and so do your partners.


Decide on investment concept.

Get informed.  Go through this site and read the "investing in Indonesia Property" section including "Our Area Of Interest", "Why Indonesia", "Legal Aspects and Concerns" and the "4 Concepts of Investments Here".  Then, have a look at some of the interesting properties and their portfolio page.  If you don't see what interests you or want more specific information send an email clicking the "Contact Us" anytime.


Complete and Return Client Information Form

Once you've informed yourself about BTPI.Co and want to proceed to start a relationship, click here to download, fill out and return the "Client Infomation Form" PDF.

We'll want you to sign an exclusivity agreement letter with BTPI.Co. which will outline that you are using the services of BTPI.Co for your Indonesian property investments.

Also, the blog will have up to date info so you should subscribe to that.

Once we get to know you and have an idea of what you want, we'll begin looking for an investment group to offer you to join.


For Clients Joining Group - Transfer Deposit

We will send you bank information once we get your Client Information form to deposit the us$5,000.



STEP 2:   Asset Acquired and Managed;

Property and any development is decided upon.

We will do our best to get a good understanding of what our individual or investment group clients needs, wants and expectations are and suggest an appropriate property project to meet those requirements and desires.

Any suggested minor or major development we consider important in a Land Banking concept, or a detailed outline for management, development and operation for a Dream Property or Development concept will be be presented and agreed upon before we approach the seller of the property.  For individual clients it will be in the form of a detailed "Project Outline" and for investment groups, an "Appendix A - Project Outline".


Funds Transferred

Once all the agreements have been signed, a suitable interesting property has been identified and the project outlines are defined and agreed upon we will begin the purchase process. Once an "Offer to Purchase" agreement has been made with the seller we will inform our clients and provide our bank information to transfer the funds for the purchase.


Property Acquired and Managed throughout timeframe of project

Buying a property in Indonesia takes about 2-3 months from Offer to Purchase to Certificate.

Once an "Offer to Purchase" agreement" is made with the seller, a deposit (normally 30%) will need to be a transferred to the seller within 7 business days.

We will normally have 15 business days to do our (BTPI.Co) due diligence and land survey.  During the 15 days we're doing our diligence should we find something thats a deal killer, we get the deposit back fully.

Once our due diligence is complete and we believe all the items in the Offer to Purchase Agreement are satisfied, we'll communicate this to the client or investment group.  At this point with items satisfied, we'll continue the purchase process which will require another transfer of funds (usually 30%) to the seller committing the deal.  No refunds from here on.

This gets the process of applications, submissions, document transfers and creating a new certificate and all that entails, going, which takes about a 3-8 weeks.  Once completed, the property certificate is handed over to our notary and the remaining funds are released.

Throughout the timeframe of the project BTPI.Co will follow the guidelines established and agreed upon in the Project Outlines, manage and complete any development on the property, manage the construction and operation of any Dream Property operations, perform regular review and/or inspection of the property as well as manage and perform administrative tasks such as annual property tax payments, any permit renewals and any other local or federal items concerning land ownership in Indonesia.


STEP 3:   Client Repaid;

Project Timeframe Reached, Property Sold.

We anticipate a minimum of 3 years with 5 years to be a normal timeframe to realize anticipated property appreciation. Should we note that property appreciation has increased sooner than expected we will inform our client / group who can decide to sell the property sooner.

BTPI.Co will handle all aspects of the selling process which again will take 4-8 weeks to get all the permits, transfer documents, surveys, applications and certificate transfer done.


Funds distributed to client (s)

Once all costs and fees are paid BTPI.Co will distribute the remaining funds to our clients in the ratio's of purchase portion. An individual client will receive 100% of funds while investor group clients receive the portion/percentage they bought into.

BTPI.Co is not responsible for individual client taxes they are responsible for in their personal jurisdictions.  We suggest getting the advice from a reputable tax accountant for your taxation responsibilities.  BTPI.Co will endeavor to disburse the clients funds how and where best suits them.




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