1 ht Property, Sekongkang Village, Sumbawa, BTPI.Co Managed

This is a 1 hectare property located in the village of Sekongkang.  it is presently fallow farmland with good soil depth and several mature trees on it.  There is a well installed on the property and the seller agreed to instal another access road so this property has road on all 4 sides. 

The investor group for this property has 3 people, a Spanish a German and a Canadian.

The investment concept is a "Land Banking" investment with a 3 year time frame.  The partners "may" partition a piece (15-25 are) for a communal villa building.

We believe this property has potential being located basically in the soon to be larger village of Sekongkang.  This area is targeted by the government for federal investment to help drive tourism in the area.  The village is 2 km away from the airport starting operations 2017.  The property has road access on four sides giving the property the ability to be subdivided into 2,4, 6 or more lots for future sale.

Update #1;  Clearing and a fence installed on 1 hectare investment property.


When I was in Sekongkang last February I saw the property was very overgrown.  I filmed the property with my drone, which is available here at XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.  With Indra's assistance, we hired a local farmer and his couple guys, to clear the land, which they did over a 3 day period.

Following are pics of the property during and after the clearing.




And flowing are pics of the new "cow proof" fence we had installed through again, Indra's help and that same farmer.



During our last visit, Jun/Jul /17, I saw the growth starting the look recovered.  I also wanted to continue with the project plan and have fruit trees planted throughout the property now, so in a few years they'll be yielding fruit.  I gave Indra the following list:

Converted its;

Mango -  10 @ us$12 = 120

Guava - 10 @ 6 = 60

Coconut - 2-4

30 @ 3 = 90

20 @ 4= 80

Banana - 20 @ 4 = 80

Dragon - 10 @ 4 = 40

Avocado - 10 @ 8 = 80

For a total of us$ 550 of fruit trees.

We also agreed to hire the present farmer to tend the land on a monthly basis.  His duties will include the continued clearing of the property, the planting of the fruit trees and continued care and watering and his protection from harm or abuse of the property.  His fee is us$ 52 /mth.  He's also allowed to cultivate small plots where he can without disturbing the fruit trees, to grow some peppers and tomatoes for himself.


end of update Jul/17





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