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Our area of interest in Indonesia includes Bali, Lombok, the Gili Islands and Sumbawa.  In the future our area will expand to include the Moyo Islands, Flores and Sumba.

Map of Bali Tenggara provinces, Indonesia.



Bali - Google map


Property in Bali is expensive although there are good buys here and there.  The area around and near Denpasar is very crowded and busy.  It is very developed.  We do not list available properties in Bali as there is a lot to search.  However, there are several condo housing projects available as well a several villas.  For beachfront property we suggest looking at the North shore which is still relatively undeveloped compared to the Denpasar area.



Gmap Lombok edited


Lombok is the next major developing island in the area.  It has an international airport as well as several ferry boat services.  The island is predominately Muslin religion.  from the tourists we met they all say they enjoy the island and its surfing beaches mainly in the southern portion of the island.  Through our investigation, we have found that the Northern part of the island is much more foreign investor freindly and we have concentrated our property search in this area.


Gili Islands


Gmap Gili Islands edited
The 3 Gili Islands, Indonesia


The 3 Gili Islands from West to East are Gili Trawangan (Gili T), Gili Meno (Gili M) and Gili Air (Gili A).  Gili T and A are both developed with the "tourist/backpacker" type investment locations.  There is still property available on both islands with more available on Gili A.  The middle island, Gili M, has been unofficially designated as "high end" tourist locations.  All 3 islands offer beautiful beaches with Gili M and A having more sand beaches with Gili T having mostly coral beaches with a beautiful sand beach area near the boat pier.



Gmap SW Sumbawa edited
GMap of BTPI.Co's available property in the Sekongkang area.


The area of Sumbawa we are interested in is the SouthWest Corner of the Island.  The village in the area is Sekongkang.  It is minimaly developed with only a handful of resorts or Villa operations.  The area has several beaches which include 3 world renown surf areas which are Tropical, Yo-Yo's and Super Suck.  The island is predominately Muslin.  There is a mine near by which has been operating for over 20 years.  This has resulted in the local population becoming accustom to foreigners being there as well as an important factor that the Government protects the area to ensure the safety of mine workers and tourists to the area.

This is the area that is prime for investment.  There are several beachfront and hilltop/hillside type properties available. We beleive this area will provide investors with the best opportunity to purchase a property with a reasonable price and good appreciation.





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