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Through the "Nominee Ownership" service BTPI.Co offers their clients the opportunity to invest in Indonesian property:



Our Fee's for service are listed below;




BTPI Co. Functions:

1). Agreements and Legalities;

To ensure all legal aspects of property ownership in Indonesia are properly covered, BTPI.Co works with our notaries in Bali and Hong Kong to satisfy all in country requirements, implement secure agreements between our clients or investment group and PT Bali Property Sukses, our Nominee and the Seller.

2). Property Project Portfolio's;

A perspective property is thoroughly researched, visited by ourselves and after a full review, a plan for the property is created and outlined in a property project portfolio.

These portfolio's contain:

  • A description and pictures of the property,
  • Our estimated purchase price,
  • Our estimate of associated purchase costs (legal fees, admin fees, taxes etc),
  • Our estimated long term management costs (annual property tax, bank fees, admin costs),
  • Our estimated timeframe for "land banking",
  • Our estimate for any development to improve the description of the property (access roads, utility installation, resort development),
  • Our estimate for a Development Concept if applicable,
  • Our estimated cost of monitoring of property (regular visits to ensure no untoward or negative action is taken on the property)
  • Our estimate of associated selling costs with estimated return on investment.
3). Creating Investment Groups;

If a client is interested in joining an investor group, BTPI Co. will review client information forms, make contact with the client, get a good understanding of the clients situation and investment desires and then match an investor group and property project to that client for their approval.

If a client or financial agent wishes to approach BTPI.Co with an investment group already formed, BTPI.Co will ensure a partnership agreement is in place which satisfies all BTPI.Co requirements.

4). Manage Purchase Process of Property;

Property purchases in Indonesia normally take 6-8 weeks to complete. During the initial phase, we negotiate with the purchaser for the best price, the amount of deposit, the form, location and timeline of monetary transfers and a list of per purchase conditions concerning the property to be met before final purchase commitment.

Once there is an agreement to purchase in place BTPI.Co will have (usually) 10 business days to perform our due diligence on the property which includes certificate search and conditions, independent land survey and inspection of services included or needed (road access, electricity, water).

5). Development;

Implementation and management of any property development using local sources of labour and construction following the outlined plan initially agreed upon in the sole investor or partnership agreement. This will mainly come in the form of installing or improving access roads and/or, installing water and electricity services into the property.

In addition, some projects may be of a longer term and include the development of a business, common structures and environment for personal use, a seasonal personal home or the development of a villa or resort operation. Through our local contacts, and tourist industry personnel we provide a complete development project outline estimate and manage the construction and thence the operation of long term projects.

6). Ongoing Administration;

Monitoring of the property with regular visits to the property
Maintaining annual property tax payments and any other administrative paperwork required.


7). Completion of project;

Management of the sale of the property and all administration functions this entails then distributing profits of the sale to the individual and/or partner investors thereby terminating the agreement




Fee's For Service:

For our "Land Banking" and "Dream Property" concepts, BTPI.Co maintains an ongoing long term involvement with these projects, from start to finish.  For this service we charge:

  • 10% fee of selling price at the end of project term.

 note:   10% after the "costs" involved of selling, minus the 1% amount we collected upon purchase and the annual admin fee is subtracted.

note:    We charge a 1% purchase price  fee as well as an annual administration fee which are outlined in the project portfolio.  Because we have long term involvement in the project we subtract our 1% purchase fee and the annual fee from our end of the 10% fee we charge after sale completion.  Our reward comes once your rewarded which is after the sale. 


For the Assisted Purchase and/or Development concepts BTPI.Co charges;

  • 3% fee of buying price (not including the "costs" of purchase).




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