Partnership Projects


    One of the most significant roles of BTPI Co. is to bring like minded individuals together to form investment groups to purchase investment property in Indonesia.  In this regard, we have put together 3 investment partnership projects.

We have identified properties with potentiel for each partnership project.  Portfolio's include an outline of the property, the investment concept and plan for the property, the term and a financial breakdown for your review.  Each project has a minimum amount to participate listed.  


Through these investment partnership groups, individuals are able to participate in this exciting market who otherwise might not be able to or, participate in a larger higher return project.


Partnership Projects


Partnership Project P#1

1 ht SekHajib Roadside Property 1, Sekongkang, Sumbawa, Indonesia

1 hectare Roadside Property

min us$ 10,000 to participate




Partnership Project P#2

Sekongkang beach, Sumbawa, Indonesia

5 hectare Beachfront Property

min us$ 50,000 to participate



Partnership Project P#3

1.4 ht Beachfront investment property, North Shore, Lombok, Indonesia

1.4 hectare Beachfront, Lombok

min us$ 200,000 to participate






The Partnership Process;


With these Partnership Groups, and our Nominee Ownership service, BTPI.Co offers their clients the opportunity to invest in property;



It follows a 3 step process:


Become A Client

  • Decide Client Type (individual or join investor group)
  • Decide on Investment Concept.
  • Complete and Return Client Information Form
  • For Clients Joining Group – Transfer Deposit

Asset Acquired & Managed

  • Property and any Development is Decided Upon.
  • Funds Transferred
  • Property Acquired and Managed Throughout Timeframe of Project

Client Repaid

  • Project Timeframe Reached, Property Sold.
  • Funds Distributed to Client(s)

1) Party becomes BTPI.Co Client:

- Submits client information form

- Signs Exclusivity Agreement with BTPI.Co

- Client confirms intentions to become a Partner in P#1, P#2 or P#3.

Once Partners identified:

- Signs Partnership agreement

- Transfers funds to BTPI.Co account

2) Property Purchased and managed throughout term of project.

- Partnership group signs:

- loan/purchase agreement with PT Bali Sukses

- guarantee and POA letter with PT Bali Sukses

3) Sale of Property:

- Property sold

- fees, costs, taxes are paid

- net funds disbursed to Partners



note about investment groups:  Once we have offered you a position in an investment group and you decide to participate in that group, you will need to transfer us$5,000 to our account.  This deposit will be held in our account, is fully refundable should you decide to withdraw from the group (prior to any deal being started) and will be used as did part of your portion of payment on the deal.  We do this because you probably will not know your partners and they don't know you so simply speaking, if you put us$5K in our account then we know your serious, and so do your partners.





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